Global Canadian Pharmacy – Safe Drugstore with Traditional Customer Values

This service has been available in Canada and the U.S. since 2004. They proclaim their concept as ‘health cannot be bought, but you can take care of it, and we will help you with this.’ They seem to have no unresolvable questions and hopeless situations.

What is important to know about Global Canadian Pharmacy (GCP)? The main principles of their work are professionalism, reliability, quality assurance and authenticity of all products offered. GCP pharmacists strictly ensure that their customers are satisfied with their service. The whole work of this online pharmacy is client-oriented.

Three main reasons to order drugs with Global Pharmacy:

  • Faster than normal. In the round-the-clock pharmacy on the Internet, you can instantly check the availability of any, even rare, medicine, book it and have delivered at any convenient time and place.
  • Cheaper than other regular and online pharmacies. You book medicines in a pharmacy via the Internet directly from the distributor’s warehouse, so you will be able to buy medicines at low competitive prices.
  • More comfortable than you are used to. To avoid going to different pharmacies around the city in search of the right medicine, check the online product catalogue of GCP. If you often use a smartphone, Global Pharmacy will always be at your fingertips.


GCP is a convenient service for finding and ordering medicines, medical devices, health and beauty products, useful gifts and much more. They sell medical products on the website and deliver orders to your home. Partners of our pharmacy are pharmaceutical producers that are independent legal entities having licenses to carry out pharmaceutical activities: storage, transportation, dispensing and sale of medicines. It works only with trusted suppliers who have earned an impeccable reputation. In the pharmacy’s warehouse, there is an acceptance control of incoming drugs.

Pre-ordering on the website

Online service does not impose on you any obligation to purchase goods which is a beneficial feature of any online health care provider. When you make a pre-order, you reserve it for the purpose of reviewing and then making a purchase decision. GCP is a convenient online service for finding and ordering medicines, medical devices, health and beauty products, useful gifts and much more. In fact, they are a pharmacy window, where a customer can choose a necessary product and have it DDP delivered.

You save your time, effort and money

At TP, prices for most medicines, health and beauty products are lower than in regular pharmacies. You can really save online. Manufacturers of goods and medicines carry out various promotions on Global Pharmacy website when goods can be ordered at a bargain price. Such products can be found in the sections ‘discounts’ and ‘promotions’.

Wide selection of products

Medicines, vitamins, products for mothers and babies, beauty products, rehabilitation aids and orthopedic products, both therapeutic and prophylactic, for those who collect first-aid kits for vacation, first-aid kits for colds and for the whole family, for car enthusiasts and retirees. Also, you can order rare and expensive drugs on our website.

Search for drugs

Online, it is simple and convenient. Global Canada Pharmacy has generic cialis drugs with the same name, but different manufacturers. Each product is described and reviewed, and you can compare prices, composition, and action without leaving home, and order what you like more.

Confidence in the quality of goods

The company works only with trusted partners who have earned an impeccable reputation. Each product undergoes a thorough quality control and meets all required storage conditions.

Door-to-door delivery

All orders are formed at pharmacy website and collected by qualified pharmacists. Please, note that GCP does not release medicines that are on the list of the Food and Drug Association (potent and poisonous), as well as drugs that are on the list of narcotic, psychotropic drugs and their precursors. To order prescription drugs, you must have a prescription from your doctor. Orders for delivery are accepted only through the website basket. If there are no questions on customer’s order in the assembly department, an SMS or email will be sent to you confirming that the assembly order has been accepted. Prices are linked exclusively to the basket website.

Orders are shipped day to day

Orders made by you after 6PM are delivered the next day. A customer chooses the date and time. All medicines are delivered in sealed packages to guarantee the safety and anonymity of the order. For each order, a bill of lading and invoice are issued. You check your order with the courier, check it in the invoice and transfer the payment by means of any popular payment method. For many people, buying goods with delivery is almost the only way to make purchases comfortably. Drug delivery is sometimes the only way to buy medicine. For example, a person is hospitalized and there is no way to procure meds. In this case, an individual needs medication delivery. Often, drug delivery is convenient for mothers with small children, people with limited mobility or very busy people.

What about the Global Pharmacy website?

GCP is a perfect example of a competent content structure. Many ecommerce projects solve the problem of creating a catalogue by copying data from various recourses, but this approach will not work in the pharmaceutical industry. Of course, large pharmacies have online product catalogues, but they are far from ideal. In other words, pharmacies that plan to go online will have to independently develop a directory structure. This is excellently implemented by our experts.


The catalogue is very convenient for website visitors: it contains categories and subcategories based on how people look for drugs – according to symptoms. Putting medicines on the shelves, pharmacists often rely on the ICD (International Classification of Diseases) handbook, but most consumers are not familiar with it. For example, users will not understand which drugs are in the section ‘Infectious and parasitic diseases’, but will quickly find their way in the category ‘medicines for intestinal infections’. There are also switching classification options: ‘professional’ and ‘custom’. Thus, advanced visitors to the site will be able to find painkillers in the neurology section, and people without special knowledge can find them in the headache medication category.

Finding the right drugs at Canada Pharmacy

Directory subsections at our website are intuitive. Suppose the user needs to find a cure for alcohol poisoning. It is difficult for him to guess that the desired drug is in the section ‘Treatment of diseases of the liver and gastrointestinal tract’. Therefore, it is better to call the section ‘Alcohol poisoning’ – a phrase that is understandable to most people. The corresponding indication must be added to the card of each suitable medicine so that it can be found through a search on the site.

How to apply for a product card in GCP

It is quite clear that GCP took time to bring the descriptions of all drugs to a single format and divide them into logical groups. But as a result, it became easier for users to navigate in the catalogue, and the time to search for the right drugs got reduced. For the convenience of visitors of the website their path from the “main page” to the product card is shortened. Optimally, there are 3-4 steps: for example, “medicines for the cardiovascular system” → “preparations for lowering cholesterol in the blood” → “Atorvastatin”. The data for each drug is presented in one form and order, at least within the category. For example, contraindications should be described point by point – it is more convenient for users to perceive information.

Convenient visualization of indications and contraindications

Unlike household appliances or clothing, photos for selling drugs do not play a significant role. However, GCP made sure to add one package illustration to the cards of drugs, because it is difficult for most consumers to buy goods if there is no idea about their appearance. Considering that there are few images of medications on the Internet, pharmacies need to be ready to independently create photo content. Users also find it useful to search for indications and contraindications, especially when it comes to difficult cases, such as allergies in pregnant women or poisoning in children. It is necessary to realize the ability to search for right drugs at the request of the form ‘pregnancy allergy’ and ‘children poisoning’ so that website visitors do not have to look through the instructions for all drugs.

User-friendly search

GCP has added a “smart search” to the catalog which finds medications not only by name, but also by symptoms. Thus, users can find lozenges on request ‘sore throat’ in the online store. The usual story is when people are looking for drugs without knowing their names, for example, if they remembered them incorrectly. For such cases, it is worthwhile to foresee the search for drugs in several names, including foreign and erroneous. It is important to note that the names of some drugs in Canada and abroad are different, so it makes sense to add foreign names to each drug.

Bundles between goods and recommendation of analogues if the medicine is not available

Many drugs with different names and minor differences in the composition of the same active ingredient, for example, Viagra, Sildigra, Suhagra, Kamagra – sildenafil citrate. Similar products are linked in the catalogue and offer users an alternative if the drugs they are looking for are not available. Forming bundles between drugs, GCP pays attention to the experience of ecommerce and reminds visitors about related products. For example, if a home appliance store recommends buying powder along with a washing machine, the pharmacy offers syringes to drug buyers in ampoules. And for a user who is looking for a spray from a sore throat, most likely, lozenges with a similar spectrum of action are quite useful to consider.

Non-commercial content

GCP goes all length to achieve consumer confidence, and realizes the importance of showing that a seller really understands the topic. The task is solved by non-commodity content on the website – articles and reviews. Information about new developments in the field of medicine and doctors’ advice on the treatment of various diseases attract additional traffic to the website and create an expert image of the online store.


When buying medicines, people are used to consulting with specialists, so GCP has added the opportunity to ask a question by phone or in an online chat. Naturally, qualified pharmacists are very responsive. At the same time, it is useful to build consultations so that consumers continue to use the catalogue. For example, in a telephone conversation, a pharmacist may advise you to go to a certain section of the website where the appropriate drugs are presented, and in the chat, you can be given a link to necessary goods. Thus, GCP website is popular with customers either with ones who prefer browsing for meds themselves or with those who require some proficient consultation.

Let me summarize here: I note that it is better to immediately prepare your healthcare business for multifaceted operation offering your customers the whole spectrum of service, spend some time on developing a competent catalogue, because “a little bit to refine after launch” will not work. This is what GCP managed to fulfill perfectly. As a rule, a good service is created from scratch and, having decided to save on launch, the online pharmacy will miss potential buyers. Investing in high-quality drugs, professional pharmacists, fast orders processing, prompt delivery and user-friendly website will ensure that the costs will be paid off due to the large amount of organic traffic that will attract unique content.

As a result, not only buyers, but also pharmacists and doctors will start using the convenient catalogue. My recommendation: do some testing! Given that there are few examples of high-quality drug catalogues in Canada, it is important to test each section of the online pharmacy. In addition to checking on the part of the content team and developers, it is worthwhile to show the catalogue to other users. For example, to suggest to friends or relatives to find in the catalog a specific drug by name, symptom or disease. If people of different ages with different levels of Internet knowledge find the right medicine without any problems, the catalogue is all right.

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